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Navigating the Now

Navigating the Now

Catering has been a focus for a lot of years for me, whether personal and individual orders or simply cooking up love for family on a regular. But, when I found myself in the food truck space in the summer of 2019 working hard to develop the muscle memory and discipline the street food life requires to even consider surviving the food game–I knew I had found my niche. Within just a couple of months of working gigs, I already had my site on the food cart the food truck business I worked for was looking to sell since they had recently upgraded to full food truck rig. Just when I almost let the cart sale pass me by strictly due to the lack of confidence in my own food and business acumen, not to mention the stress of where the money would come from and once it was used, how my husband and I would secure the risk, my first sponsor rang my line and offered to be an angel investor as well as a cross-promotional brand ambassador and partner. This momentum helped me to manifest two solid venues in the Greater Portland, Maine areas and book what would’ve been my first full summer season there with five regular days on two different sites static and ready to serve. I couldn’t believe that just from the investment in self I had finally committed to, I manifested investors who came to me unprompted with the exact support I needed to gain licensure, earn food management certs, get the keys to proper transportation with towing and future potential to pull a full size food truck rig, AND one of two venues being a farm (my ALL TIME ideal venue of service!) who reached out to me just from following my online platforms. It all felt too good to be true, so I jumped right in to take advantage before it all showed itself to be.

Patience was key once I knew I had dotted all of my i’s and crossed all my t’s–full time focus would start in March of 2020, adding business name to township planning board meetings to secure all of the variety of permits necessary to set up in multiple locales and work festivals + working to save and provide all requested fees + organizing calendars and side gigs + writing business plan to include springs and summers in Maine then fall to winter in Georgia knowing that my first full season would provide enough income to get me south, home to Atlanta for winter to secure my second set of state permits so that my bistate goals of doing business could be launched with fervor and confidence and fortitude.

And then……March 2020 actually happened…..and…..I am still blindsided by all that has not been able to play out as planned. I guess I entitled this post “Navigation of Now” because….I don’t know how to….it’s beginning to feel as if I only knew how to navigate… then. All I can do is…hold hope…as it seems to slip through fingers almost daily….and ask the universe for a compass so I can see which ways to turn for the constellation to align. Right now is hard. Building a business owned, managed and operated by self from grass roots up is hard. Period. But. Right now. Is. Hard.

And I….am strong….so here’s to revised business plans and food cart wheels rolling in 2021…

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